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From complicated and cumbersome reservation management to sales management to improve sales! Save time wasted on accommodation management and feel the effects of increased sales

Easier and more convenient ONDA PMS

ONDA's interface is simple but powerful.
Information on the screen is nothing to miss out.

Spend less time on reservations and focus more on your guests.


Daily schedule check

Figure out today's schedules at a glance, including check-in, check-out and in-house rooms. Start your day with a dashboard.

Daily report

Today's estimated transaction volume, room share, customer funnel, etc.
The dashboard shows you important indicators you need to know everyday. Manage your accommodation in the smarter way.

Job shift

If you have a job you need to take over, leave it on the staff board. Hand over tasks that shouldn't be missed in clear and certain way.


Automatic Room Assignment

Automatically identify incoming booking and arrange them in order. No more cumbersome inventory job.

Timeline in a Calendar

Check the reservation at a glance in a calendar-style interface with colorful status buttons. Also, easily and quickly adjust the booking with Drag & Drop.

Quick Booking and Room Closure

With 4 steps, you can quickly make a reservation and close the room. Find the reservation on the timeline, that you just made.

Set price

Bulk Changes of Rate Plan

Seasonal promotion, family package, Spa plan...
When your business requires a complex set of rate plans, we built a feature for your convenience.
One simple button easily adjusts multiple rate plans at once.

Various Filtering Options

Don't get confused with rate plan management.
ONDA Wave made search easier with filtering options.  
No matter how many rooms and plans you have, it is so easy to find the rate plan you want.


Transaction Trend

You can find out the amount of transactions, reservations and cancellations by the period you set. Also, you can study the reservation statistics nicely sorted by payment methods and room types.

Booking Trend

With one simple click, you can compare your property's performance with one around the neighborhood. Get helped with pricing by reviewing reservation trends accumulated over years and how much the near competitors have set.

Custom Reports

ONDA Wave provides advanced version of reports allows you to handle dimension, metric, forms and filters.
Everyone need it's own report. ONDA give information you really want.

More than one countries.
More than one property.


Create and manage multiple properties easily with the multi-property feature


Create multiple accounts through the master account


Supports currencies in 10+ countries with multilingual

ONDA Wave, On the hands.


Quick booking search, reservation generation, app notifications.
Anytime, anywhere you are, it gets handier to manage your property,
ONDA Wave mobile app is right on the way to you.
You can download Now!

Quik booking
daily routine
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