Channel Manager

ONDA Channel Manager takes care of online distribution channels automactically so that you don’t have to manage every channel all by yourself. Rates and inventory across all channels are automatically updated using a pooled inventory model.

Real-time synchronization for rate and inventory

Update your rates and apply 'room closure' at a single click.
The channel manager will automatically update availability across all of the sales channels.
No more Overbooking

Best of all, you’ll increase occupancy but never risk a disgruntled guest.
Say goodbye to double-booking your rooms with ONDA's pooled inventory mode.

More Revenue

Maximize your revenue by selling as many rooms as possible, without any fear of overbooking. Promote all your available rooms on all booking channels – all the time.

Reasonable Service Policy

If you sign up for ONDA Wave GDS, CMS is free to use. We offer you a more reasonable rate policy.

Cover 90% of the market with ONDA Wave

ONDA offers you to sync with the most popular channels
that cover 90% of the global hotel reservation market.
We are enhancing the connection with channels to meet your needs.